Rideshare Hub San Francisco

Welcome to uberhubSanFrancisco.com. If you have questions, general questions, you can always send them to me 365 days a year. My email and my text message are included. However if you want to see a live person, I really suggest you go down to the hub, okay and if you follow the link beneath the video, it will take you and show you the address of the hub as well as the opening times and reasons why people usually go down to a hub. So let’s say, you’ve had an accident, somebody threw up in your car, your account was deactivated, you need to update your documents. That’s usually the time you want to go to a hub and talk to a live representative. Very often, the 24/7 phone line won’t cut it and very often the Support Center, through the app, you’re just not getting the right answers you are looking for to your questions, right. So, go down there and if you’re thinking of joining and activating your account, I want to make you aware of two things. If you go directly to the hub, make sure you have your banking details with you, your insurance documents, your registration documents and your driver’s license, right, to create the account. However if you follow that route, you will miss out on the other guarantee of the Uber bonus. You will not get the referral bonus, a referral guarantee that you would get from another driver and that’s why I have included the link beneath this video where you can create an account, qualify for that guarantee or bonus and upload those four documents directly through the through the app right. If you went to a hub and you’ve been there, you already activated and you missed out on that opportunity of getting your guarantee or bonus, again I have some cool steps beneath this video that you go to the app, fill those out and you’ll qualify to get your bonus or your guarantee. People are excited when they suddenly find out that there’s still a way to get that money. So, again I’m available 365. I’m known as the Rideshare Professor out there. For all your San Fran related questions, how to make money in that city, how to deal with certain things in San Fran, please feel free to shoot me an email or text. Drive safe my friends.

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